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Part 1: Definition

Definition of child bullying, characteristics and types of bullying 

Part 2 : Who are the actors?

The bully, how does he act, who is he?
The victim: fear, shame, loneliness and silence; risk profiles.
The peers: who are they, what actions, what roles?
The dynamics of bullying

Part 3: The consequences

What are the consequences for the victim, for the bully, for peers but also for the school and civil community?

Part 6 : Acting in situation of violence

Collecting testimonies
Reviewing the situation
Take protective measures
Post-event monitoring

Part 7 : Prevent

The 3 "E" method for an inclusive and caring school (and society)
Emotions, a way of life
Self-esteem to be neither victim nor bully.
Empathy, a state of mind
Proposed actions

Part 8 : Heal

Short and long term consequences for the victim, the bully and the peers
Why accompany them in consultation?
How to accompany them?